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How to create shadows on a cocktail glass?

For a photographer working with a smartphone, creating shadows and highlights on glass can be difficult and intricate. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes all you need is the Profoto C1 Plus, a little creativity and, of course, a nice cocktail glass. Here’s what highlights you can create with just one flash.

Step 1
Place the Profoto C1 Plus behind a glass.

Step 2
To create lighting on both sides, fold two white sheets of paper and play with the reflections to find the perfect angle and position for them.

Step 3
To avoid direct light from the lamp on the glass, add a black flag between the C1 Plus and the glass. In this case, a black iPhone case was used.

Step 4
Use your phone with the Profoto app, which will fire the flash and take a photo.

If you want to be even more creative, you can create a reflective glass surface by placing one cocktail glass on top of another cocktail glass, upside down. This will create a reflection effect.

Used: Profoto C1 Plus, iPhone

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