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Clic Softbox Octa 2′ (60cm)


The new Clic Softbox Octa generates a soft and flattering light ideal for close-up portraits, flat-lay, and still life/product photography with the Profoto A-range flashes.

EAN: 7340027559017 SKU: 101303 Kategorija:

Clic Softbox Octa In Use


Creates a soft and flattering light.
Snap function for easy set-up.
Integrated handle & stand adapter.
Compatible with other Clic LSTs.
Part of the Profoto ECO-system.
Compact and lightweight.
Made with high-quality fabrics.
Delivered in a labeled soft bag.
Front diameter 60.96 cm

Technical specifications

Product number: 101303

Recommended for: Main light, Fill light, Rim light

Popular applications: On-location portrait, Wedding

Front diameter: 60.96 cm
Length: 54 cm (folded)
Depth: 30 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg

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