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Profoto A2


Profoto A2, the battery powered monolight made for a life on the move and every camera. Despite being the size of a soda can, the A2 delivers 400 full-power flashes at 100W from one battery charge.

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The little big light

Forget logistical issues that come with heavy flashes and chunky equipment; the Profoto A2 is the ultimate studio-quality monolight in neat packaging. It is built to support your vision wherever you happen to be: in cities, secluded areas, and in the most difficult terrains. Considering it is the size of a soda can, you can easily bring it with you and turn any location into a set. With AirX connectivity built-in, you can use the A2 as part of a more extensive lighting setup with any camera and smartphone, which makes your creative opportunities more flexible and vast. Trust that it will enhance any natural light setting and scene. Pack light, head out, and capture beyond any doubt!

Profoto A2 Background
Profoto A2

Prominent power

Whether you use it on its own or with other lights, rest assured that the A2 will support your every endeavor. It may be small, but it has enough watt output to light a scene in broad daylight as well as in the studio.

Profoto A2

More creative versatility

Clic modifiers help create the look you are yearning for. Attach them to the A2 via the magnetic mount in an instant and start capturing. For even more options, add the OCF Adapter to your setup to gain access to all Profoto OCF light shaping tools.

Profoto A2

Display and control

You have many possibilities in terms of control. You can choose to change settings on the large, user-friendly display or, control your light settings via the Profoto Control app from your smartphone or tablet.

Images and behind the scenes with the Profoto A2


Battery charging time of 115 min
Range of up to 100m
500 gram
Recycling time 0.05-1.3 seconds
Battery sustains up to 400 full-power (100w) flashes
Compatible with Profoto AirX
Instant firmware updates with Profoto Control App
Compatible with all A-series batteries

Technical specifications

Max energy: 100 Ws
Energy range: 10 f-stops (0.1-100 Ws)
Energy control increments: 0.1 f-stops
Recycling time: 0.1-1.6 s
Energy stability: <0.1 f-stop @10-2.0, <0.2 f-stop @ 1.9-0.1
Flash duration t0.1: 1/350 s (100 Ws) – 1/26,000 s (0.1 Ws)
Flash duration t0.5: 1/1200 s (100 Ws) – 1/ 56,000 s (0.1 Ws)
Color temperature: 5800 K +-100 K
F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO: 8.0 5/10 without reflector
Beam angle: 62°
Field angle: 105°

Continuous light
Lamp type: LED
Max power: 2.1 W
Dimming range: 100-10%
Color temperature: 3500 K
Color rendering index (CRI): >80
Max luminous flux: 200 lm
Max illuminance @ 1meter: 180 lx
Beam angle: 43°
Field angle: 74°

Wireless connectivity
Built-in connectivity: Profoto AirX
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Supported Air functions: Sync, TTL, HSS, Remote control (Air 1 and Air 2)
Number of Air channels: 100 (1-100)
Number of groups per Air Channel: 6, (TTL operation: 3 (A-C), manual operation: 3 (D-F))
Wireless operating range: With Profoto remotes: 0.5 – 100m*, With Bluetooth devices: 0.1- 30m *in optimal conditions up to 300 m (1000 ft)
Supported apps for Bluetooth devices: Profoto Camera and Profoto Control apps

Sync: No
Other: USB-C

Power supply: Profoto A-series battery
Battery capacity: Up to 400 full power flashes
Battery charger: A-series battery charger
Battery charging time: <2 hours

Firmware update: Via Bluetooth
Photocell/IR-slave: No
Stand adapter: Yes (detachable)
Umbrella mount: Yes (in stand adapter)
Operation temperature: 0 °C to +35 °C
Storage temperature: Store in normal indoor conditions

Width: 7.9 cm
Length: 12.6 cm
Height: 7.9 cm
Weight: 773 g with battery and stand adapter / 495 g without battery and stand adapter

What's included?

1x Power Cable
1x USB Cable USB-A to USB-C 0,8m
1x Battery Charger
1x A-Series Battery Mk II
1x Clic Stand Adapter
1x Bag
1x Profoto A2

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