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OCF Light Shapers


Be super-creative with color on the move. Have fun with colors that range from Rose Pink, Jade and Yellow to Peacock Blue, and naturally balance flash with ambient light with CTO gels, Quarter CTB gels, and Half Plus Green.

OCF II Grid & Gel Kit

Perfect for image creators who want to be creative with light on the move. It includes the OCF II Grid & Gel Holder, OCF II Grid 20°, OCF II-Half CTO, and OCF II-Full CTO gels. The holder can be mounted quickly and securely onto any Profoto Off-Camera (OCF) flash via the durable Profoto rubber collar mount and metal clasp.

OCF II Snoot

The OCF II Snoot dramatically reduces the light spread from your OCF flash. Perfect for location shooting, the snoot is soft and easy to fold for compact storage in your bag and unfolds ready for action in a second.

OCF II Barndoor

A compact and portable light shaping tool made for creative photographers on the go. The durable Profoto rubber collar mount together with the strong and durable metal clasp, attach safely and easily onto any Profoto Off-Camera (OCF) flash.

OCF II Softboxes

Creates a soft and flattering light. Available in four sizes: strip, square, rectangular and octagonal. Fast and super easy to set up. Optional softgrids control the light spread.

OCF Beauty Dish

A collapsible and more portable version of the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector. It creates a creamy yet crisp light, often referred to as a “beauty light”.

OCF Speedring

The unique design allows you to snap on the softbox without having to bend and fumble with the rods, while the clever color-codes show you exactly how to assemble the unit.

OCF Zoom Reflector

A hard reflector dedicated to our flat fronted lights. An on location option to the standard Zoom Reflector that offers a wide zoom range and takes up minimum space in your bag.

OCF Magnum Reflector

An on location option to the standard Magnum Reflector that offers lots of punch and a significant zoom range without taking up more space than a Profoto Zoom Reflector.

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