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Profoto Soft Zoom Reflectors

A truly multifaceted tool

From soft light to hard light and everything in between

Profoto introduces the Soft Zoom Reflector, a truly multifaceted tool that offers you endless creative possibilities in just a single modifier. With its flexible design, the Soft Zoom Reflector can create both soft and hard light and everything in between, allowing you to achieve your desired lighting effect with ease.

About the product

Crafted from high-quality materials and fabrics

The Soft Zoom Reflectors come in two sizes – 180 (70 in) and 120 (47 in). Both sizes are kits consisting of the Soft Zoom Reflector and the Zoom Rod L which lets you control the light effect with immaculate precision.

Its easy-to-operate design and the lightweight Zoom Rod give you consistent results every time, regardless of if you are using a flat front mono light, like the D2, or the Profoto ProHead.

Crafted from high-quality materials and fabrics, the Soft Zoom Reflector is built to withstand constant everyday use, making it perfect for fast-paced studio environments.

Product features include:

• Custom-made carrying case for the whole kit.

• Easy to handle – consistent results every time.

• Creates any type of light – soft and hard and everything in between.

• Made with durable materials for everyday use.

Images and behind the scenes

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